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    TD3550: Question on the track lighting.
    First i have to congratulate the (New Operations) (Owners) for a total rebirth of the 41
    facility. This is something i thought i would never see. I can't even the imagine the labor and $$$$ it took to turn this operation around. In all the years i have run there the biggest issue us old timers have is the track lighting. Keeping some us old timers like myself, not able to compete when the sun goes down, Man is it dark down there lol even with the headlights on in the dragster. I know its time and money and a lot of it. My hats off to Mr Tim Ringer and Company. Any insite. on this? Did the crossover from (N**A) to IHRA. Looks like the "Other", you know who, will have a run for their money now.
    Congrats, Once again And to top it off, A new web site and a forum. Excellent....

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    Quickz: Question on the track lighting.
    Thanks for the support. New lighting is amongst a lot of other changes coming to the track. At this time. Our goal is to have all races completed before dark. We have eliminated the open test tune on race days. And will be calling rds up a little quicker than the past to get these in before dark.  Thanks again. See ya at the track.