2695 W 50 S Morocco, Indiana 47963
(219) 313-9528



Gates will open at 10. We will have first Rd qualifying at 11:00. Second rd qualify at 11:45.  We will start racing by 12:45. Rds will be called up promptly.  Our goal is to have these races completed before sunset. There is NO open test/tune before and during racing and will be inforced. Track may open for open testing once racing is over and time permitting.  Racers may get open track between 10:00 and 11:00 will be adjusted on race day.


Lane assignment

Jr's lane 1-2

No Box. Lane 3-4.

Box. Lane 5-6.

Rebuys will go to lane 7 with no box first. Then box behind.  This may change. Check with tech garage on race day.


The official US 41 MOTORPLEX  IHRA Summit Super Series points and racing info. Any questions just ask. You may also call me or Tim. My cell is 815-450-7511.

We will be running 3 bracket classes : Jr Dragster, Box, and No Box. Entry fee is $30 for Jr. $70 for box/ no box.

Jr dragster : $30 entry. Payout based on car count.

No Box: $70 entry. Delay boxes NOT allowed and must be REMOVED from vehicle. No et break. 1/4 mile race.  $1000.00 guaranteed to win.

Box: $70 entry. Delay box permitted. 11.00 minimal et. (1/8) mile race.  $1000.00 guaranteed to win.

Bikes are always welcome and may run either class and will run with cars.

Rebuys :

$30 rebuy 1st Rd only and rebuys will race EACH other in Rd 2. Winners will go to Rd 3 and rejoin program. Rebuys will be called up with 1st Rd winners and will run right AFTER 1st Rd winners run.

You will have up to the first call for Rd 2 to rebuy.  Please come to tech garage right after 1st Rd with name, car number and $30 cash. We will then call everyone up for Rd 2. We will let you know that day what lanes are for rebuys.

Points :  you will receive 10 points for entry card ( must break staging beams under power either during qualifying or 1st/2nd Rd to receive points with no refund given after). Vehicle used in qualifying must be same vehicle used for race.

10 points for each Rd won with winner receiving a 10 point bonus. R/U will receive a 5 point bonus.

Rebuys will NOT be given any points other than entry points but will still race for the money that day.

We will select a few races throughout season as "DOUBLE POINTS DAYS " and we will announce those soon.